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It’s Not Easy Being Dad – Ephesians 5:15-6:4

One of the toughest jobs on the planet is being the head of a household, but it also has some of the sweetest benefits out there if a dad does the job God’s way. In this pointed message, Dr. Jeff Schreve shares some key aspects every father needs to know when leading his family to be the household of faith that God intends for it to be.

Why You Act the Way You Do – Proverbs 14:8

Have you ever wondered why you act the way you do in certain situations? Why some things really get your motor running, and others you couldn’t care less about? Are you wrong or even weird because of this? Absolutely not! In this insightful message, Dr. Jeff Schreve shows us the four standard personality types, the strengths and weaknesses of each, and how God can use them all for His glory.

Cleared for Takeoff – Psalm 66:16-20

When a pilot gets ready to take off, he checks with the control tower to see if he is cleared to begin his flight. If anything is in the way, it must be removed to make his path clear. The same is true for your prayer life. If there is anything in your heart that is causing a block between you and God, then you are not CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF. This powerful message from Pastor Jeff Schreve reveals key truths necessary to remove the obstacles in your communication with God. This message is part of the 6-message series THE SCHOOL OF PRAYER.

The Prayer Challenge – Philippians 4:4-7

Prayer. It can be so easy to do, yet so difficult too. Many people struggle with how to pray, when to pray, and what to pray. They even doubt if God would or could hear their prayers. In this life-changing message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called THE PRAYER CHALLENGE, he shares key aspects of prayer that will show you how to have effective and meaningful communication with God that brings real answers to your real problems. Are you ready to accept the PRAYER CHALLENGE? This message is part of the 6-message series THE SCHOOL OF PRAYER.

How Great is Your God? – Ephesians 3:20-21

Are your prayers too small? Are your requests to God limited by what you ‘think’ God can do or would do for you? In this hard-hitting message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called, HOW GREAT IS YOUR GOD?, he explains the truth about the nature of God and how He can and will answer your prayers because He is a great God. This message is part of Jeff’s 6-message series THE SCHOOL OF PRAYER.

Overcoming the Barriers to Prayer – Hebrews 4:14-16

Have you ever wanted to pray about something important in your life, but you feel like you just can’t? Maybe you think your problem is too small or too big or even too selfish to ask God about. Perhaps you think He wouldn’t hear you because of the sin in your life. Barriers like these can stop a prayer life in its tracks. In this encouraging message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called OVERCOMING THE BARRIERS TO PRAYER, he shares how you can overcome the barriers that keep you from praying by understanding the true nature of God in Christ. This message is part of Jeff’s 6-message series THE SCHOOL OF PRAYER.

Why Pray? – Psalm 116:1-4

Why Pray? Now that’s a loaded question. We often will pray for comfort when we are hurting, God’s strength when we face tough situations, provision when we are in need, and we’ll pray a prayer of thanksgiving in victory. But what does the Bible say about why we should really pray? In this revealing message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called WHY PRAY?, he explores some key reasons for why we should pray in ALL situations and how prayer is so vital to our relationship with God. This message is part of the 6-message series, THE SCHOOL OF PRAYER.