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Do You Know Why? – Isaiah 43:7

Many people question their purpose for existence and have feelings of worthlessness. In this insightful message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called DO YOU KNOW WHY?, he explores the singular reason why everyone was created and shares how we can live our lives to bring glory to God. This lesson is part of the 6-message series called LIVING ON PURPOSE.


The Acceptable Resolution – Romans 12:1-2

Resolutions. We all make them every year. Maybe it’s to lose weight, or get to the gym, or read a book, or study the Bible, or do something you have never done before. The list of possibilities is endless. But are those what God wants you to resolve to do? Or is He asking us to make the kind of resolution that will last, not just for the new year, but for the rest of your life? In this powerful message, Pastor Jeff Schreve challenges us to press into God so that He can make the changes in our lives that will transform us to be more like Him.

What Exactly Did Mary Know? – Luke 1:26-38

Can you imagine being a teenage girl, still living under your parents’ roof, doing chores, waiting to be married, and an angel comes to you and tells you you’re going to become pregnant with God’s Son?! What a shock. What a privilege. What a game changer. But, Mary listened to the message and humbly submitted to what she was told. So how did she do this? What did she know that helped her to so quickly obey? In this timely message, Pastor Jeff Schreve shows us several key truths about God and this powerful call He gave to Mary that will not only help you to see how she had the faith to obey, but will also grow yours as well.

Why Gifts at Christmas? – Matthew 2:1-12

At Christmas time, do you feel pressure to give gifts that you really don’t want to give? Have you ever wondered why we give gifts at Christmas time in the first place? Do you wish the burden of giving would stop? In this insightful message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called WHY GIFTS AT CHRISTMAS?, he explains the origins of giving and their significance for this celebration of the birth of the Savior. You’ll discover what giving should really look like for celebrating the birth of the King of Kings. This message is part of the 4-message series THE QUESTIONS OF CHRISTMAS.

Why Does Christmas Matter? – Luke 2:1-14

The Christmas season is filled with secular excess and materialism. The spiritual aspects have been pushed aside. And while giving gifts can be meaningful, if Jesus Christ is forgotten, we have missed the point of this extremely important event … with eternal implications. If your love for the Savior doesn’t grow deeper during this time of year, this eye-opening message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called WHY DOES CHRISTMAS MATTER?, explains why it should. This message is part of the 4-message series THE QUESTIONS OF CHRISTMAS.

Was Jesus Really Born of a Virgin? – Luke 1:26-38

The Christmas Story. It’s the account of Christ’s birth to Mary, a virgin, and her husband, Joseph. He was born in a stable full of animals because there was no room at the local inn. You’ve heard this story for sure, but have you seriously considered the significance of its truth? Did it really happen the way the Bible describes? In this revealing message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called WAS JESUS REALLY BORN OF A VIRGIN?, he’ll share key truths about the virgin birth of Christ and why it is so central to the salvation that is available to those who come to Christ by faith. This message is part of the 4-message series, THE QUESTIONS OF CHRISTMAS.

Home Sweet Home – 1 Peter 3:8-12

Is your home a place of peace? Or is your home a war zone to be avoided at all cost for fear of further casualties? In this hard-hitting message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called HOME SWEET HOME, he provides special insight to help you have a home that is a safe haven from trouble and a place of peace for your family. Learn to live together under one roof when you follow the Lord’s instruction.