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Revealed Glory – John 2:1-11

Would you like to see God reveal His glory in your life? In Pastor Jeff Schreve’s message, Revealed Glory from his series Experience His Glory: Living in the Awe of God’s Presence, you’ll discover the wonder that is found in God’s manifest presence. It’s not just something for Moses to encounter on Mount Sinai. It’s something available for regular people in regular places to meet the regular needs of life. Stop struggling to Experience His Glory. Learn how Jesus will reveal His glory in your life today.

The God of Glory – Exodus 34:1-9

Human beings all have the same problem: we tend to lose sight of the true God. Troubles and trials so easily blind our eyes to the character and nature of God. In this message called The God of Glory from Pastor Jeff Schreve’s series Experience His Glory: Living in the Awe of God’s Presence. You’ll get a fresh glimpse of who God really is and discover how to truly rest in the goodness and grace of The God of Glory.

Do You Want to Experience His Glory? – Exodus 33:12-23

When Moses was on Mount Sinai receiving the 10 commandments, he prayed this prayer, “Please, Lord show me Your glory.” And God answered Him! Did you know that you and I can pray that same prayer and receive God’s answer just like Moses did? In this revealing message called Do You Want to Experience His Glory from Pastor Jeff Schreve’s series Experience His Glory: Living in the Awe of God’s Presence, you’ll learn what it means to encounter the wonder of the Lord’s splendor and majesty you find in His manifest presence. It will change your life.

Full Impact – Daniel 6:1-18

Do you have a deep desire to make a difference for the kingdom of God? Do you want to stand up and stand out for the Lord to help make His name known to a lost and hurting world? Well, how do you do that? In this inspiring message, Pastor Jeff Schreve explores key ways you can make a huge impact for the Lord by the way you choose to live and act. Get ready to make a FULL IMPACT for God!

Battle Fatigue – Nehemiah 4:1-23

Do you feel tired, worn down, weary, and ready to give up? Does continuing to do the things the Lord has called you to do seem overwhelming and impossible? If so, you may be in the throes of a series case of battle fatigue. Don’t be discouraged. In this important message, Pastor Jeff Schreve provides key reasons for why you may be experiencing battle fatigue. He’ll explain how to fight against it so that you can be refreshed and continue to serve the Lord.

Are You Dressed for Success? – Ephesians 6:10-20

One of the keys to being an effective soldier for Christ is being adequately prepared for the fight. A key part of that preparation is being dressed in the appropriate battle gear so that you can move onward without fear of vulnerability to a fatal wound. In this helpful message, Pastor Jeff Schreve provides a practical and important checklist of what to wear as part of the full armor of God. Knowing what protection to put on and what weapons to use are the keys to a successful fight and the devil and his demonic hordes.

The Lord’s Army – 2 Timothy 2:1-4

All Christians have all been enlisted into service in the Lord’s army. With that enlistment comes responsibility, hardship, and incomparable peace. But what does a good soldier of the Lord look like? In this practical message, Pastor Jeff Schreve describes the life and duties of a Christian soldier. He explores what to expect and how to respond as you march into the spiritual battles of life.