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God, Government, and Christians – Romans 13:1-7

Government is a good thing because government is a God thing, created by Him to provide protection for the people. And He gave mankind the job and the responsibility of rulership using a government that would be underneath God’s direction. What responsibility do we have to that foundational truth? Learn the purpose and relationship between God, Government and Christians in this inspiring message from Pastor Jeff Schreve.

Marriage and Family – Genesis 1:26-31

The institutions of marriage and family are the bedrock of every society. But are these critical relationships free to be changed by society’s wavering whims? Is there a definite model ordained by God? In this fundamental message for all families, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares the truth about God’s design for marriage and family and how they are intended to give a clear and healthy picture of our relationship with Him.

When Life Begins – Psalm 139:13-16

When does life begin? That is the key question as it relates to the issue of abortion. The pro-abortion crowd has one answer, and the pro-life crowd has another. What does God say about this critical question? Find out in this sobering and eye-opening message as Pastor Jeff speaks the truth in love from Psalm 139:13-16.

The ABCs of Life – Proverbs 1:7

The best place to start most things is at the beginning. But when it comes to living a bold and abundant life of faith, where exactly is that beginning? In this foundational message, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares the truth about the fear of the Lord and it’s necessity to the fundamental ABC’s of the Christian life.

Glory in the House – 2 Chronicles 7:1-3

Have you ever been to a church that was full of the manifest presence of God? It is awesome to behold. In this powerful message called Glory in the House from Pastor Jeff Schreve’s series Experience His Glory: Living in the Awe of God’s Presence, he reveals the importance of praise and prayer. If you are serious about wanting the Glory of God to fill your church, your home, your heart, learn what can happen when God’s glory is in the house.

Revealed Glory – John 2:1-11

Would you like to see God reveal His glory in your life? In Pastor Jeff Schreve’s message, Revealed Glory from his series Experience His Glory: Living in the Awe of God’s Presence, you’ll discover the wonder that is found in God’s manifest presence. It’s not just something for Moses to encounter on Mount Sinai. It’s something available for regular people in regular places to meet the regular needs of life. Stop struggling to Experience His Glory. Learn how Jesus will reveal His glory in your life today.

The God of Glory – Exodus 34:1-9

Human beings all have the same problem: we tend to lose sight of the true God. Troubles and trials so easily blind our eyes to the character and nature of God. In this message called The God of Glory from Pastor Jeff Schreve’s series Experience His Glory: Living in the Awe of God’s Presence. You’ll get a fresh glimpse of who God really is and discover how to truly rest in the goodness and grace of The God of Glory.