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Mountains and Mustard Seeds – Matthew 17:14-21

What do you do when your mountain won’t move and problems are piling on? Have you checked your faith lately? Is it growing or diminishing? Learn what to do when the mountains won’t move in this inspirational lesson from Pastor Jeff Schreve.

How Big Do You Believe? – 2 Kings 4:1-7

How can you tell if you are believing God in a big way? The Bible says, “Be it done to you according to your faith.” God is waiting for you to come to Him with your problems by letting your faith reflect the greatness of God.

How to See the Glory of God – John 11:1-46

In John 11:40, Jesus said, “Did I not say to you, if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” Are you willing to do what it takes to see God’s glory? Learn how to see the glory of God when you view your problems as an opportunity to glorify Him by believing His promises.

The Church and the Gates of Hell – Matthew 16:13-20

The people of God make up God’s church. And the church has a mission to fulfill to reach the world with the good news. But what forces can create barriers to the fulfillment of this mandate from God? What causes the church to be hindered from our responsibility? In this encouraging message, Pastor Jeff shares real truth about the foundation of God’s church and the power and protection He has placed upon her.

God, Government, and Christians – Romans 13:1-7

Government is a good thing because government is a God thing, created by Him to provide protection for the people. And He gave mankind the job and the responsibility of rulership using a government that would be underneath God’s direction. What responsibility do we have to that foundational truth? Learn the purpose and relationship between God, Government and Christians in this inspiring message from Pastor Jeff Schreve.

Marriage and Family – Genesis 1:26-31

The institutions of marriage and family are the bedrock of every society. But are these critical relationships free to be changed by society’s wavering whims? Is there a definite model ordained by God? In this fundamental message for all families, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares the truth about God’s design for marriage and family and how they are intended to give a clear and healthy picture of our relationship with Him.